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Collection of custom CSS

Hi friends! I’ve started to make little visual tweaks via the custom CSS files (userstyle.css and userchrome.css), which I figured I’d share in case others have similar visual taste as me. You can find them in this GitHub repo:



I’ll continue to evolve these styles over time. Right now, the primary change is just the typography of the app, but ultimately I intend to do a fuller redesign to make the app more sleek. If what I make is good, I’ll consider trying to merge it into the main project, but for starters I’ll just leave it in these custom files.

I’d love to see what you all have done with the custom CSS too! Perhaps we can borrow from each other. I propose we use this thread to share styles with others.


The app is in need of a design refresh, and these custom styles are indeed a good way to experiment with various styles, and then eventually apply that to the main app.

Many things have been mentioned so far, like removing some borders or lines, making the icons less prominent (light gray, or smaller), making some text bigger, etc.


Apart from restyling headings (h1, h2…), I have made the table of contents smaller and placed inside a scrollable, limited in size box. Following your example, I’ve placed my userstyle.css into a Github gist. Good way to backup also!



Hello, @laurent. The version of Joplin in my above screenshot is 1.0.178 (prod linux). It’s running on Arch Linux, installed via AUR, I hadn’t upgrade and test my stylesheet with 1.0.179.

It appears your pastebin link is not working

Hello, @MRog40. I have discovered that yesterday, and it seems that I can no longer edit my original post to update the pastebin URL anymore. It was my first post on discourse, I’m not quite familiar with the forum settings and its usage.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded the stylesheet to Gist, and here it is, which also includes the userstyle.css part. Since Gist provides stable URL even with updated paste, I think the URL will unlikely to be changed in future.

If you still have questions about my stylesheet or the setup, please PM me, thanks.

@devonzuegel thanks for the inspiration. I’ve added a comment in the other thread, since that one was created first.

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Oh cool! Darn, I must’ve missed that one when creating this thread. Thanks for pointing it out.

Joplin 1.0.179 (prod, darwin)

thanks a lot, TOC is really pain in my … so I need this.