Creating new notebook directly as child

Is there a way to create a new notebook as a child of the selected one?
When I create a new one it always ends up in the root.


ref link: Rmb create new folder

I’m using the latest beta but I know what’s happening.

If I click on the icon in the toolbar the new notebook is created in the root of the main tree. If I right-click on a notebook then the new notebook is correctly nested.

Improper operation…

So, is it really true that the big plus button is only to create top level notebooks? I would have expected the behaviour that the OP did. Although, I don't know how I would create a top level notebook if that were the case.


Note that if you frequently create new sub-notebooks you can assign a shortcut to the action in the config.

I think another slight problem is that the context menu (on right click) says New notebook. In a previous version it said New sub-notebook when not right-clicked on NOTEBOOK (the top level root folder).

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Indeed, that was fixed on the menu item but it's still wrong on the context menu. I guess it's a matter of mapping that item to the correct command (newSubFolder).

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I can't recall, but I think I added a conditional a while back for the context menu item. Maybe it got lost when the major refactoring happened.

For me, I don't think of it in terms of "notebooks" and "sub-notebooks" just like in the opperating system I don't think of "folders" (referring to only folders in the root directory) and "sub-folders" (referring to 99.9% of all the other folders). They are all just folders. Because after all, in your terminology, by dragging a "sub notebook" to the top level it becomes a "notebook." That doesn't really make sense from the end user experience. They are all just notebooks.

If you wanted the context menu to be more specific, when right clicking on Notebooks (at the top of the list of notebooks) it could say "New top-level notebook" and when right clicking on a notebook it could say "New notebook here".

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Just a direct question on this if I may please. Is it possible to create a sub-notebook (sub-folder) in the iOP app version? Thank you in advance. Cheers Anton

Not possible at the moment.

Thanks, a further question then, is it possible to at least move and existing folder or sub-folder in an iOS app. That at least be a workaround. And I don’t surpose that it is possible to run Joplin in a Chrome or Foxpro browser on iOS