Could this be a bug?

I am looking for some similar cases here, not certain it's a Joplin bug or not. Here is what's happening:
I haven't changed the config of my Mac in a long time. Regular updates of course. No problems ever which would indicate any problems, no crashed apps, no "blue screens" (yes, I know ...) . Then I installed Joplin, still no problems - great.
Then I started let Joplin run in the background all the time (like Laurent suggests to avoid sync problems) - around the time 1.5.x was released. And all of a sudden my Mac does no longer wake up from sleep. It goes to sleep, and when I get back to it it requires a full reset (very long press power key) to wake up. Doesn't happen all the time, but 3-4 times in the last week is more than I need. And I cannot find anything in the logs around the time of sleep / wake up.

Could this be (big question mark - I have no clue) a Joplin induced problem ? or is this just a coincidence ?
Does anybody else have similar sightings on a Mac ?

[The last time this happened was this afternoon with version 1.5.11]

It's unlikely it's due to Joplin. I've got Joplin, WhatsApp and Discord app running on macOS, all Electron apps, and don't have this problem. You might want to try on a macOS forum as it could be a bug introduced in a recent system update.

Probably the Big Sur update or similar.

@laurent : appreciate your response
will quit using Joplin in the background for a while and see if anything changes
I am steady on Mojave (need it's 32-bit capability), and the last security update happened before the problem set in; but appreciate any response

I did as proposed. After using Joplin I quit complete before the computer goes to sleep. For 4 days not a single hick-up event any more.
I will keep doing so for a while and report back - after 10d or so. My gut feeling so far, "it has to do with Joplin running in the background".

I did as proposed. After using Joplin I quit complete before the computer goes to sleep. For 7 days now not a single hick-up. Seven days were needed because the bug only showed himselfonce every other day. Hard to troubleshoot.

Will start today letting run Joplin in the background again, to see if the bug comes back.

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