MacOSX desktop and cli version - crash during startup for specific user

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  • Setup: Newly installed MacOSX Sonoma 14.2.1 on legacy hardware, new user account, settings from previously used system imported manually.
    • Joplin desktop 2.13.12, 2.13.11, 2.13.9 with and without flags.txt set to "--open-dev-tools --debug --log-level debug"
    • Joplin cli: 2.13.2

What issue do you have?

Any version of Joplin I tried crashed during startup for my personal account, I didn't get far enough to add my notebooks yet or access any menu. Blank accounts are not affected.

From the log (with and without flags.txt set to "--open-dev-tools --debug --log-level debug"):

2024-01-01 19:56:53: "New version: 44. Previously recorded version: 0"
2024-01-01 19:56:53: "Initializing tables..."
2024-01-01 19:56:54: "KeychainService: checking if keychain supported"

...were the famous last words, followed by the less than helpful final popup
"An error occurred: Fatal error: An unknown error occurred. Error: An unknown error occurred".
And no, "Restart in safe mode" doesn't change anything.
Neither does going back a few versions, I don't really think it's a Joplin-related problem, the only takeaway for Joplin from this situation might be a more informative or improved error handling of (probably) yet another edge-case.

The cli version (2.13.2 via Homebrew) doesn't get more verbose either:

% joplin --debug --log-level debug
(node:5919) [DEP0040] DeprecationWarning: The `punycode` module is deprecated. Please use a userland alternative instead.
(Use `node --trace-deprecation ...` to show where the warning was created)
Fatal error:
[Error: An unknown error occurred.]

I'm considering the Keychain as possible culprit - the last message in the log file points to checking the keychain, and I have done some to-and-fro testing with that, trying to recycle/migrate my old keychain from HighSierra.

Any ideas how to get more information on what's going wrong there?

Thanks in advance, Tatjana

Log file

log.txt (4.13 KB)

Are you actually using KeyChain -- do you have e2ee enabled? Maybe that could be relevant (is it dying somewhere in the e2ee domain or is it actually dying on the KeyChain check). Just a thought, i also am very new to Joplin.

I have a Sonoma machine to test on (14.1.2 with Joplin 2.13.12 -- should match you) and natural next line in the log is:

"Initializing tables..."
"KeychainService: checking if keychain supported"
"KeychainService: could not set test password - keychain support will be disabled"

However with some searching I suspect there in an internal component of Joplin called Keychain -- and this is not necessarily referring to MacOS KeyChain -- though it may be that one talks to the other.

Thanks for the idea - I am using MacOS Keychain (locally) for those (local) programs that support/need it, starting with the login as per MacOS default. Certificates for Wireless Networking and other passwords end up in there, and some passwords or access tokens for web services. Keychains from old systems got imported as additional files, it looks like I cannot import their entries into the "login" keychain started by Sonoma (I did try to replace it, but that just triggered Sonoma into generating a new one, so I reverted back to the one generated with the creation of the user account).

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