Copy lists from websites with numbers/bullet

Is there any way I can copy a list from a website to Joplin (Markdown Editor) and have it include the numbering or bullet points? Currently I only get the text and then have to manually add the numbering/spot punctuation. LibreOffice can do this.

Probably the solution is a browser extension like Copy as Markdown.

I select the text and then use the Webclipper from Joplin, click on "Clip selection". Bulletpoints, images, everything will be clipped into a new note. From there you can copy/paste, could be a workaround.

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Thumbs up for pointing out this problem - especially on mobile, I would like to add. I won't go back to closed source products like Evernote or OneNote - but they make copy/paste (both in and out) so much easier...

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