Copy/paste rich markup to joplin not as plain text

Text with rich markup that i copy from a website always gets pasted as plain text in joplin, is this by design? I would like to list to remain list and code blocks remain that way and have the rich markup to pasted as mark down. what happens now is that i need to edit the plain text or am i missing plugin or settings to make this happen?

This annoys me too. Copy-paste to the WYSIWYG editor handles many of the cases. On a Mac I find it works better to copy-paste first to an application like Notes, and then copy from there into Joplin. I don't think there is a better solution.

Alternatively, on mobile I found that Google Keep Notes converts much of the Mark Down or StackEdit online if you don't have a desktop app.

I'm experimenting with joplin (so far, I think I'm in love) and this problem annoyed me, too. I just created a new note, opened the "external editor" (notepad for now), and pasted the rich md into it, saved in the external editor, hit "stop) in joplin, and the markdown is retained as entered. I think that's a fine solution for now.

I'm also investigating typora (thanks to one of your other notes, I believe) and it seems like exactly the md editor I've been wanting but didn't even know it! Obviously, if I decide it's worth the 15 US$, I will set it as my external editor. ooops. let me be sure I can paste md into it...yes, indeed.

I wish I had discovered all this stuff years ago. well, I guess it didn't exist.


Typora is a good fit, similar to Marktext which is another good candidate for an external editor to use with Joplin. Having used both, I favour the latter, but both editors are very capable and good to work with.

Would it be possible to provide a step-by-step example of what is not working?

Where are you pasting? Rich Text or Markdown editor?

What are you pasting exactly? What's "rich markup"?

And what exact result do you expect?

I'm keen to improve copying and pasting but I need to know exactly what's expected.

Disclaimer: I wasn't aware that the WYSIWYG editor can handle code-blocks and highlights and convert rich markup to markdown since I work primarily in the markdown pane, but still I hope you read my post on the subject of handling links as list. Also why isn't it made possible in the mark down editor?

While others in here have similar issues, I can only speak from my own experience. And I have to backtrack to how I'm using it right now.

By the way I'm happy with Joplin and the creative plugin community here, especially tools like Joplin Web Clipper, so I'm not looking for alternative Mark Down editors.

I'm using Bing ChatGTP a lot lately to ask questions about code and frameworks.
And this is a typical question I will ask:

"can you give me tutorials on working with deno and oak?"
"can you give me a code example?"

as you can see in the screenshot example below:

I select only parts of the website, which is only the Bing Chat output that I need and copy that to the clipboard.
I use several tools to retain most of the markup as markdown so I can keep this in Joplin. But none of the tools retain the desired outcome, some can handle code blocks, while others can handle link list much better.

this tool for example can handle link list, that is close to how i would like it:

and this is the markdown output from the example above in the screenshot:

i think it looks very clean. with the list of links below fully written out.
however doesn't handle code-blocks and highlights.
on the other hand StackEdit is very good handling code-blocks and highlights.

this is the output of StackEdit
it covert the code-block perfectly, I can only speculate how it handles code-block languages, because it took over that its a typescript block. amazing!
and how it handles highlights is ideal for me.

how rich markup language from the clipboard will be interpreted to mark down can be of personal taste and with many users there can be a lot of debate on how you want to handle this. Ideally I think the community can add personal flavor via plugins?

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