GSoC application period will start on March 18 - if you'd like to participate, please read on!

The application period will start on 18 March during which time you will be able to submit your application and proposal(s).

If you would like to apply, please make sure you have at least one significant pull request, or two or three small ones. It's difficult to define what's a significant PR but you can ask us if you have any doubt. For example if you have already submitted a PR and you're not sure you need to submit a second one, please ask us.

Remember that it's also a good idea to get involved in the community, by answering posts here or on Discord or asking questions. This shows your motivation and may help you get a better understanding of the project.

Finally start thinking about what project you're interested in. Pick at least two projects - a main one, and a backup in case there's a problem with your preferred choice.

Good luck and if you have any question feel free to ask here!


If i want to submit proposal for more than 1 project, then should I have to submit 1 pr for every project and is there a separate repo for each project to work on or is there a single repo for entire codebase of all projects.

There's just one single repo.

Got it, Thanks

I'd like to know if the PRs I would be considered significant, I have linked them in my intro thread.

Yes thank you @criticic, those are fine so feel free to submit your proposal

When i submit to GSoC, should i leave a note saying which of 2 projects is main and backup?

Yes please let us know your main proposal and backup. In fact I just read that you can submit up to three proposals if you want.

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Hi folks i would love to contribute to the joplin mobile app(in react native) by adding rich editor to the code but really having a little longer time understanding the code base also to consult a mentor for that project idea whom should i contact?

don't forget to follow GSoC 2024 live blog - #5 by PackElend
You can submit a pre-proposal, chapter 1 only, so that we know that you are working on it.
We would like to avoid that all coming at once last minute as that would allow us to optimize the proposal :wink: