Compile the non-dev version of Joplin for Debian


I compiled from source and got a dev version of Joplin, which does not sync with my non-dev version installed on iOS and Windows. How do I compile the regular user version? I'm using Debian.


Try npm run dist from packages/app-desktop

That seems to create an app-image in the /dist folder. I'm interested in
running Joplin natively in Debian. Is there any way to do this?

How did you start the app? You need to make sure that the --env flag is not set to dev.


In the packages/app-desktop folder:

$ npm start

the first two lines generated by that are:

@joplin/app-desktop@2.2.0 start
gulp build && electron . --env dev --log-level debug --no-welcome

so it seems the --env dev is enabled

how do I change that?

You can simply remove --env dev from package.json

Thank you! That worked perfectly. Just out of curiosity, would running Joplin
this way be more light weight than running the app image?

I don't know, I've never compared the two versions.