Displaying notes with tags alongside

I'm starting to evaluate Joplin as a replacement for Evernote. I use Evernote almost exclusively as a vehicle for GTD. I have a large collection of ToDo notes that have contextual tags. There is also a collection of smart searches that view sets of notes based on the tags.

For example, the ToDo that stimulated this post has the title "Evaluate Joplin as an Evernote replacement" and is tagged "!1-Now", "@Computer", ".P167 - Migrate GTD away from Evernote", "Possible". There is then a smart search that displays all notes containing the "!1-Now" tag and the resulting view can be sorted by the tags.

I make use of only one view in Evernote: notes at the top with individual notes open underneath. The critical requirement for me to move to Joplin is being able to display a list of notes with the tags alongside and for the view to be sortable by the tag column.

Is this possible? Has anybody already done it?

EDIT: Just found (Practical Use of Tags - #24 by brobb). Does this imply that my need is not achevable?

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