Cloudron - self-hosting

Just curious is anyone has tried this for Joplin server

pros or cons ?

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It would be interesting to see if it violates the licence, thats for sure.

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at witch point of the licence do you make a reference ?


Well, as Cloudron provide Joplin Server as a bespoke package for a Cloudron server, and they are a commercial entity, and the Premium charged version is aimed at "Personal use, Startups & SMB" (i.e. commercial entities themselves), I would guess that quite a lot of s2.3 seems to apply, unless they have cleared it with @laurent.

Obligatory "I am not a lawyer" statement... :slight_smile:

ok thank you.

I was not aware of joplin server is now proprietary software. I will be more careful...

I have contacted them to let them know about the license. Maybe they thought it was open source like the apps.

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