Can I host my own cloud for privacy reasons?

can I host my own cloud for privacy reasons?

You can host your own Joplin Server, NextCloud or pretty much any WebDAV server if you want.

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Thank you. Would you be so kind as to link to some documentation on how to do this? ty

The readme within the Joplin-Server package has instructions - there is other information floating around the forums for any specific issues relating to it:

As for NextCloud or WebDav stuff it is a bit outside of the scope of this forum and things are pretty dependent on exactly how you want to deploy them - for example there is a pre-configured version of NextCloud designed to run straight on an RPi - NextCloudPi – Own your bits.
So far as Joplin is concerned there is no difference for a locally hosted NextCloud or WebDAV server compared to one you have hosted remotely.

If your only issue is security and privacy, Joplin does feature e2ee - About End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) | Joplin

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