Cloud sync failing with no error

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 2.13.13 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 4d77cb4fc2a245a2b8684d5310992b25
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: c3cdeeb

Font Size Shortcut: 1.0.0
Simple Backup: 1.3.3

Sync target

Joplin Cloud


Markdown Editor

What issue do you have?

I have been able to successfully setup Joplin Cloud syncing on my android phone but I'm unable to on Linux or Windows. When I try to sync I put in my credential and hit login and the sync window disappears with not error.

Other info, I am using profiles and I have Onedrive sync on my other profile. OS is windows 10.

When I open the console, there are a bunch or Errors for files, but no extra output when it fails to sync.

Here is the text of one of the errors:

DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for file:///C:/Users/Alex/AppData/Local/Programs/Joplin/resources/app.asar/ Unexpected end of JSON input

Got ipc-message: noteRenderComplete undefined
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:48: models/Setting: Saving settings...
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:48: models/Setting: Settings have been saved.
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:48: RevisionService: maintenance: Starting...
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:48: RevisionService: maintenance: Service is enabled
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:48: RevisionService: collectRevisions: Created revisions for 0 notes
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:48: RevisionService: maintenance: Done in 109ms
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:49: checkForUpdates: Starting...
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:49: checkForUpdates: Checking with options {"includePreReleases":false}
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:49: checkForUpdates: Current version: 2.13.13
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:49: checkForUpdates: Latest version: 2.13.13
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:49: checkForUpdates: Is Pre-release: false
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:49: checkForUpdates: Done.
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:54: SearchEngine: Updating FTS table...
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:27:54: SearchEngine: Updated FTS table in 1ms. Inserted: 0. Deleted: 0
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:28:07: CommandService::execute: synchronize false
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:28:14: ResourceService::indexNoteResources: Start
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:28:14: ResourceService::indexNoteResources: Completed
C:\Users\Alex\AppDat…\dist\Logger.js:213 21:28:14: ResourceService::deleteOrphanResources:

Here is the output when I enable debugging.

It outputted on opening the sync windows but nothing after I put in my credentials

Thank you for reporting this!

The "Failed to load source map" errors can be ignored (they're related to the Electron development tools not being able to find development-related files).

When I try to sync I put in my credential and hit login and the sync window disappears with not error.

Does the entire Joplin window disappear? Does this also happen after clicking "Check synchronisation configuration"?
screenshot: Check synchronisation configuration highlighted in settings

Thank you! I didn't know about this way to set up syncing and now all my installs are syncing.

To answer your questions.

Does the entire Joplin window disappear?

No it wasn't the entire Joplin window, just the sync wizard window.

After clicking login, the sync wizard would just disappear and nothing would happen.

Does this also happen after clicking "Check synchronisation configuration"?

Using the "Check synchronisation configuration" has worked all but one of my installs, so thank you. On my work laptop I add proxy & cert setting but after that it worked.

Extra context, I original tried sync wizard on my work laptop and then on multiple personal devices. So don't know if its possible that because the proxy wasn't set on the first device that messed something up breaking the wizard on any other install.

Here is the error message I get with out proxy & cert settings

Error. Please check that URL, username, password, etc. are correct and that the sync target is accessible. The reported error was: request to failed, reason: connect EACCES (Code EACCES)

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