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I got this error while importing from Evernote:
"Found a closing anchor tag without an opening one"

Does this stop the import? It's too bad that this error message isn't very specific..

thank you..

In my experience this is not an issue, it's usually some unimportant tag such an empty anchor that wasn't imported. I think it displays somewhere the title of the note that's causing a problem?

But in general the importer is reliable and doesn't lose any data. The issues you might encounter is with notes that come from the web clipper, in which case the layout or style for example might be off, although all the text and images will be there.

Thanks; no, it doesn't show which note had the mismatched tag, the error message just says "Found a closing anchor tag without an opening one", and my only recourse is to press "OK"....

I also had the same message when importing from Evernote into Joplin for Windows!

Importing as HTML, in 2 ENEX files: "Found a closing anchor tag without an opening one"

Importing as Markdown, in the same 2 ENEX files, I received this message: "Found a link_close without a link_open"

I presume that it was the same note in each ENEX file that caused this message? I also didn't see any note title on screen...