Closing of modal when clicked outside of it

Upon opening note properties modal or “Goto anything” modal there should be a feature of the modal closing when user clicks outside modal.I think this increases user flexibility.
Especially in “Goto anything” I felt it was needed since no cancel option is shown when no notes/tags is found and user has to go for ESCAPE .


That would be a great addition to the feature. Yes, clicking outside should close the modal as it can be closed only on pressing Esc key. I’ll try adding that real quick.

I don’t think we need this. Sublime Text has no close button either. How about vscode?

True @laurent But it’s not actually about need I just said we can have it as an additional feature for improving user flexibility.

Cool @coderrsid :+1: But if you willn't be working then I'll be working on it.

It’s just a simple addition and would work like a utility for mouse actions and also in VScode when we click outside the dropdown after pressing Cmd+P . It closes the dropdown modal.

I guess this will work?
Screen-Recording-2020-03-30-at-1 (1)

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Yes that would make sense, feel free to create a PR for it.


Sure. I’ll just do it right away.

If someone is up for this, i think that all modals should have this feature.
As of 1.3.18,"Add Tags", "Note properties" and "Statistics" modals don't work this way.

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