Clipper UI requires too many clicks. Some suggestions to streamline

I use the clipper extensively, and it's far too laborious to use. Here's my current workflow, with some suggestions to streamline it

  1. Click on clipper
  2. Click on "Clip complete page" (or whatever)
  3. Click on "Add Tag" (seems unnecessary; why not show an empty text box by default?)
  4. type the tag
  5. type return or tab - they do nothing (couldn't they automatically create a new text box for the next tag?)
  6. Scroll down (because the buttons are unnecessarily big. You could fit two per row, or even use a pulldown menu. Or alternatively, move the tags area above those buttons, so that you don't need to scroll. Don't make me scroll!)
  7. Click "confirm" (seems unnecessary, I know what I'm doing)
  8. Page is clipped. Most of the UI remains visible with an extra 'show newly create note' (unnecessary, I have already clipped the page, plus it's hard to tell something has happened without reading the text on the button)
  9. Click to close the window (why doesn't it close by itself)

If those suggestions were implemented, the workflow would become

  1. Click on clipper
  2. Type a tag in the tag box, type return, type another in the next tag box, and so on without needing to use the mouse
  3. Click on "Clip complete page" (or whatever)
  4. Clipper UI hides all buttons except the 'open newly created noe' and then closes itself after x seconds

So only two clicks instead of what feels like hundreds before hand

What do people think? I'm actually thinking of working on these myself


Yes, please. I don't even need a tag. Just clip whatever to Joplin. I can move the new note to a different notebook or add tags later.