Click and Synch/Highlight Vertical Scroll (like synctex)

Thanks to all contributors to Joplin for the great note-taking app!

I’ve noticed that there are many feature requests for wysiwyg editor in joplin.
I understand that that is not an easy feature to implement.

Having used latex a lot, I see that joplin shares the same challenge: source code is usually far smaller than the rendered content. As such, keeping things synch vertically is impossible (without adding extra white space to the generated content).

To solve this, I propose that the same solution that works for latex is adopted: synctex.
The explanation of this technique is here:

Maybe this is easy to implement and would satisfy most of the wysiwyg editor requests.

Use case:

  1. User writes down some text with lots of pictures
  2. Vertical synchronzation gets messed up, making it harder to find your way in large documents.
  3. If user ctrl+clicks in text in the preview pane, the corresponding text gets highlighted in the source pane, and vice-versa.

Thank you!

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