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[CLI] Does `joplin sync` automatically decrypt notes?

Hi all.

In Joplin CLI, does joplin sync automatically decrypt notes, or should I run joplin e2ee decrypt after it every time I sync?

After the sync, I am exporting the notes through joplin export, so I won’t be openning the CLI app.

BTW, I am doing this because there’s no way to run the clipper API service in headless devices, currently.


EDIT: I did check [Best method to backup notes], which suggests such procedure (running decrypt after sync), but I want to know if its necessary or just a reasonable precaution.

When you run the CLI GUI, there’s a service in the background that will automatically decrypt notes. But if you use the command line mode, you indeed need to run joplin e2ee decrypt to decrypt the data. joplin sync alone will not do this.

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Thank you very much, @laurent!

Maybe it should be added to the CLI manual? If so, I could add it and send a PR.