Joplin Sync target changed, Encryption broke, need help decrypting content

Running joplin 1.0.163 (prod) on Arch Linux. I screwed up changing the NextCloud Sync URL, and now trying to figure out a way to get my data back. Nothing really critical, but think this would help me figure out how much I can trust Joplin down the line.

Wish I’d read before, but I didn’t.

Sequence of events:

  1. Joplin installed as a AppImage
  2. Regular notes stored
  3. Sync enabled against NextCloud, works great.
  4. Encryption Enabled. Works fine. I put everything against the root directory on Nextcloud though, so i try to correct for that.
  5. I create a directory called joplin on Nextcloud, delete everything from NextCloud root, and change the sync target to /joplin sub-directory. I assumed joplin would just initiate a sync to a fresh new target that way, and everything would be fine.
  6. This causes NextCloud to forget everything somehow, as soon as it notices a empty sync directory.
  7. I restore everything back in NextCloud, and overwrite the content inside the new “joplin” directory in NextCloud. Doesn’t work.
  8. I decide to switch to the official joplin because the AppImage package doesn’t have joplin cli. Took me ages to build, but I manage.
  9. It picks up the new configuration, so still no notes.
  10. I check the encryption config, and re-provide the same password. (Don’t remember this exactly)

I’ve been trying the joplin e2ee decrypt-file command against the text from the encryption_cipher_text heading. But it doesn’t seem to work? I just get multiple prompts for Enter master password:

joplin e2ee decrypt-file --verbose --retry-failed-items `pwd`/y.crypt
Enter master password:
Enter master password:
Enter master password:
Enter master password:
Operation cancelled

Every time I enter the same password, and it keeps asking the same in a loop. If I press enter without a password, it cancels the operation.

Ultimately, since I have my master password, and I have the crypt files - I’m assuming I should be able to restore that one lone file on my Joplin?