Clearing "Some items cannot be decrypted" warning

I have Joplin version 1.1.4 (prod, linux) running on Manjaro Linux with KDE Plasma Version 5.19.5 and Linux Kernal 5.7.19-2-MANJARO I sync Joplin notes with multiple other platforms (other Linux computers and an android phone) through file sync and syncthing.

I have recently encountered the thing I most dread in Joplin, an orange warning message that cannot be actioned or cleared in anyway and which is now a permanent feature of my Joplin experience.

In this instance it is a "Some items cannot be decrypted. View them now" warning. I have had others in the past that I eventually cleared by deleting databases and config files.

To attempt to clear the warning, I have tried the following:

  • Searching in Joplin for the resource numbers detailed in the "View them now" window. A number of results are returned, but none match the resource numbers listed and all returned results have been dycrpted and are correctly displayed.
  • Searching my entire system for the resource numbers detailed in the "View them now" window. No matches are ever returned.
  • Deleting Joplin and all config files, reinstalling and re-syncing. Once Joplin is reinstalled and re-synced, the error message simply returns returns.
  • Clicking the "retry" button. This provides blissful relief for a few minutes and then the dreaded large and orange banner returns

I am happy with the data I have and have no desire to identify and repair the relevant resources. I would simply like to clear the warning.

Can anyone suggest what to do next?

I love Joplin and run half my life with it and i am very grateful to all who contribute. My one single complaint is that once a warning banner appears, you are consigned to living with this large, bright and permanent feature. I think a simple toggle to clear the warnings would be a big step forward for Joplin.

If there is a reason that these should be displayed permanently for some reason, perhaps a smaller banner with a less intrusive colour could be considered for those of us who must live with the warnings?


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I have the same on a Windows 10 machine, it keeps bugging me and I'm wondering how to get rid of this banner for a while now ...

I am having the exact same problem running Joplin version 1.1.4 on Ubuntu Linux and I sync Joplin notes with an ios phone through dropbox.

I am also happy with the data that I have and I have no desire to identify or repair these resources. I just want the orange warning to go away. I have also tried all of the above. Please turn on a toggle to clear the warning.


I managed to find a solution in the end. It is a work around and a bit heavy handed, but it solves the issue ...

The steps are:

  • go to [Tools>Note attachments]
  • sort the list by attachment "Title" by selecting the triangle next to the word "Title"
  • select all, copy and paste the text into a text editor
  • view the items in the warning dialog and copy the attachment "ID" of the first item listed
  • search the plain text list for the attachment "ID" and note the relevant attachment "Title"
  • go back to the [Tools>Note attachments] view in Joplin and scroll to the relevant attachment "Title"
  • select the delete button
  • repeat for each item listed in the warning dialog

As I mention, it is a little heavy handed as it deletes the reference, but it does solve the issue.

Joplin could be improved to make this process easier by any one of the following approaches:

  • enable the warning to be acknowledged / toggled off
  • make the warning smaller and less obtrusive
  • put a [delete] button next to the items listed in the warning dialog
  • list both the attachment "Title" and "ID" in the warning dialog
  • enable the [Note attachments] list to be sorted by attachment "ID"

I appreciate all the hard work by the developers and realise this is likely a low priority. Unfortunately I am completely unable to assist with my lack of skills. Hope this work around helps others in the mean time ... for myself, sweet, sweet relief to be free of the horrors of the dreaded orange warning ...

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I just want to point out that I believe the previous guidance deletes the attachment from all machines, even if the problem existed on only one machine.

I was cautious, so I backed up the attachment (I mean I copied it to a folder outside Joplin) on a machine that was not displaying the problem, then did the delete on the problematic machine, watched the effects propagate elsewhere, verified the attachment was no longer accessible on the other machines, copied the backed up attachment back into the note and verified it propagated to all the other machines (including the problem machine).

If this is the recommended procedure I would appreciate someone letting us all know. If there is a better way that would just force the machine with the problem to update, perhaps someone could identify it?

If you search for "some items cannot be decrypted" here, you will see quite a few posts. It might be worthwhile creating an FAQ item for it. But I dont know the correct procedure for deciding whether a particular solution is the correct one and that it is important enough to merit entry on that page. @laurent or @tessus, could you advise us?

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I have to defer to Laurent for this. I don't use encryption and my knowledge about this part of the code is pretty much non-existent.

You are right that it deletes the attachment from all machines and, as I said, it is a very heavy handed approach to consider when there is no other option. In my case this was preferable to living with the warning.