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Clearing "Some items cannot be decrypted" warning

I have Joplin version 1.1.4 (prod, linux) running on Manjaro Linux with KDE Plasma Version 5.19.5 and Linux Kernal 5.7.19-2-MANJARO I sync Joplin notes with multiple other platforms (other Linux computers and an android phone) through file sync and syncthing.

I have recently encountered the thing I most dread in Joplin, an orange warning message that cannot be actioned or cleared in anyway and which is now a permanent feature of my Joplin experience.

In this instance it is a "Some items cannot be decrypted. View them now" warning. I have had others in the past that I eventually cleared by deleting databases and config files.

To attempt to clear the warning, I have tried the following:

  • Searching in Joplin for the resource numbers detailed in the "View them now" window. A number of results are returned, but none match the resource numbers listed and all returned results have been dycrpted and are correctly displayed.
  • Searching my entire system for the resource numbers detailed in the "View them now" window. No matches are ever returned.
  • Deleting Joplin and all config files, reinstalling and re-syncing. Once Joplin is reinstalled and re-synced, the error message simply returns returns.
  • Clicking the "retry" button. This provides blissful relief for a few minutes and then the dreaded large and orange banner returns

I am happy with the data I have and have no desire to identify and repair the relevant resources. I would simply like to clear the warning.

Can anyone suggest what to do next?

I love Joplin and run half my life with it and i am very grateful to all who contribute. My one single complaint is that once a warning banner appears, you are consigned to living with this large, bright and permanent feature. I think a simple toggle to clear the warnings would be a big step forward for Joplin.

If there is a reason that these should be displayed permanently for some reason, perhaps a smaller banner with a less intrusive colour could be considered for those of us who must live with the warnings?


I have the same on a Windows 10 machine, it keeps bugging me and I'm wondering how to get rid of this banner for a while now ...