Help - Some items cannot be decrypted. View them now

Joplin 1.3.18 (prod, win32); win 10;

I have Joplin running on two windows 10 computers and the Andriod App.
One of the win 10 computers pops this error every time I start it and I can not figure out how to clear it.
I upgraded to Joplin 1.6.8 (prod, win32), no help.
I could use some help. how do I get rid of this error message? what do I need to delete?

Export debug report
Items that cannot be decrypted
Joplin failed to decrypt these items multiple times, possibly because they are corrupted or too large. These items will remain on the device but Joplin will no longer attempt to decrypt them.

Resource: 0dae845cb0324b36803adfb2d96e9c85Retry
Not downloaded: 0
Downloading: 0
Downloaded and decrypted: 22
Downloaded and encrypted: 1
Created locally: 1283
Error: 0
Sync status (synced items / total items)
Note: 882/882
Folder: 26/26
Resource: 1306/1306
Tag: 0/0
NoteTag: 0/0
MasterKey: 1/1
Revision: 511/511
Total: 2726/2726

Conflicted: 0
To delete: 0

see attached logs

Log2.txt (83.4 KB)
1611317543696.log (169.0 KB)

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