Is there any possible way to remove message "Some items cannot be synchronized. View them now"

As I understand the "Some items cannot be synchronized. View them now" message is the deep-rooted problem. There are no any possibilities to decrypt item once is wasn't decrypted.

In this topic I hope to find a solution to delete this unpleasant message from Joplin window. Do you know any possible way to remove message "Some items cannot be synchronized. View them now"?

I tried to delete causing Note, delete causing file in attachments folder, but I still get this message. How can I delete it? I do not have anymore problematic note or attachment, but still have this message appearing on my screen again and again.

So now I am in a process of deleting Joplin and installing it again with a syncronizaiton from a cloud. But even if it resolves this problem, I do not think it is the best way to cope with it.

I could fix the problem by removing the encrypted file from the local Joplin directory and the replacing it with encrypted version manually downloaded from the cloud provider. The decryption was then successful and the message "Some items cannot be synchronized. View them now" went away.

So the solution should be the deletion of the file in the Cloud too? If I do not need this file?

I needed the file so I'm not sure if it is OK to delete it from the cloud, but you could decrypt the file and delete it in the Joplin app.

Ok, I will try to do that next time I expreince this problem. I hope resyncing everything from scratch helps me this time.

Rather than installing Joplin again and having to set up again any options you want to use, have you ever tried the Advanced Sync Options?


Deleting anything directly from the local resources folder is never a good idea as the client databases are not aware of the change. This can often be what actually causes "Some items cannot be synchronized" errors.

In my case I deleted an attachement from a deleted note. It should be deleted automatically in my opinion. But it wasn't.

The Advanced syncing options I discovered just a few hours before your advice but after deleting Joplin. I will try it the next time. But my experience tells me it won't help. Once it started the only way is to delete problem items. But nobody knows how to do that :slight_smile:

Doesn't matter.

Joplin will still have a record for that attached file you deleted in its database until it eventually purges it. So Joplin's database scans its records and because the record of the file is still in the database, it tries to see if the attachment needs sending to the sync target and suddenly finds that the file is missing. Joplin then tells you "Some items cannot be synchronized".

This isn't the only reason this message appears, but deleting anything from Joplin's resources folder is a good way of getting one.

It was the last option I had. And as I remember the attachements without notes shouldn't have any links to the items in database and removed automatically after 3 months or so. I assumed if file doesn't have any links anymore and will be deleted with the record in 3 months, I can help in this process. But I was wrong, as you said, database still treats attachement as an item which should be syncronized and gives the same error message.

Now I am waiting for resyncing and hope everything will be OK, but if not, I will try to manually copy this file from my cloud, but if it doesn't help, I do not know what to do.

If you search this forum for something like the phrase "orphan files" you will see there have been previous posts about Joplin's rather erratic approach to housekeeping.

@laurent can I ask you a question in relation to this discussion? (Do not bother to read it all, just this question).

If I export my notes to Joplin Export File, is it exporting only notes and attachements? Will it drop SQL database? I mean can I fix sometimes issues with SQL by exporting notes to .jex and importing them back on a fresh install? Will this process recreate SQL without "ghost" items from SQL (for example, tags without notes, deleted files without notes, deleted notes)?

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Yes it will only export clean data, not orphaned items.


I am getting this error too. How do I remove it?? It's extremely annoying.

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I marked a solution. Export everything, clean all folders and clouds, import again, (optional - enable encryption if you use it), add cloud again, do not do with Joplin anything while syncing isn't complete.

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I have encounter error Some items cannot be synchronized. View them now several times now. Clicking the Retry (under Items that cannot be decrypted) for specific resource does not decrypt corrupted resources would it be possible to add button next to the Retry that would purge the corrupted file from the local machine and re-download it from the server (I use the Dropbox). This would save a lot of time as I was doing it manually right now and it is quiet tedious fix. @laurent would this be hard to implement?

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