Checking box parent should check all children boxes

Using checkboxes, i use often parent and child boxes to structure tasks in parts.

AFAIK it is not possible to check the parent box and as an action all child boxes will be checked automatically.
Keep from Google has this and it's very convenient.

Is it possible to implent this or is there somewhere a hidden function to do this?


There's no functionality like that now. I also agree that it would be quite useful though :slightly_smiling_face:, especially when dealing with long lists.

It's a reasonable idea but I disagree that it should be implemented since this only works for tasks where every subtask is a requirement for completing the full task, if you have any optional tasks, this would force you to, possibly imcorrectly, mark them as complete... The system currently is admittedly more fiddly but much more flexible which is more important imo...

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Just for the record, I've managed to achieve this with the following custom CSS (placed in userstyle.css).

.checked .joplin-checklist > li:not(.checked)::before {
	content: "\f14a"