Plugin: Reset Checkboxes

Hello. I have some checklists that I use regularly and need to reset them with one click. I created a simple plugin to replace checked boxes with empty ones.

I tested with different texts and didn't see any problems. If you ever encounter a problem with plugin you can use Joplin's note history feature to restore and reach me for a fix.

PS.: I removed my previous post since I found a bug. Now it's fixed with 1.0.1.


Neat!!! I seem to remember someone asking for this some time ago.

Thanks for your work! This seems like something that ought to be moved into core.

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Hi there,

I'd really like to use this, but I don't understand how to install it.
I don't know how to "Clone a project" or what "npm run dist" means.
I have googled them, but things just got even more complicated.

Any easy way to install it?

Aah, sorry for the confusion. Those instructions are for manual installation. Just search Reset Checkboxes in Joplin app, you'll see the plugin.

I should've fixed the instructions.

Edit: I added clear instructions.

Got it - works fine.

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Awesome :slight_smile:
I'd even suggest to implement this in the core application.


This is absolutely great! Immediately installed the plugin and works just great!
Thank you very much. Helps a lot!

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