It would be great if we could uncheck all checkboxes at once

Currently, AFAIK, the best way to do it is (on desktop app) to open the note in an external editor, and find/replace [x] by [ ]. On the mobile app there's no way to do it, you have to uncheck each checkbox individually.

An « Uncheck all » command would be most welcome !

IMO such a functionality should be natively implemented in Joplin, not through a plugin, because it could be used a lot from the mobile app (I am thinking of things like a shopping list, etc.).

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could be a nice feature, but until then:

  • search & replace for the desktop app plugin
  • search & replace exists in the latest versions of the mobile app
    • make sure that in the settings you have "Enable the Markdown toolbar" on
    • while editing a note click on :mag_right:
    • then on :small_red_triangle_down:

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Thanks for the tips ! Both desktop and mobile search/replace work fine indeed, and it's a nice workaround until there is a « Check all / Uncheck all » button one day I hope.