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It appears that with version 1.7.10 a new bug has been introduced. It is no longer possible to check or uncheck an action within a checkbox list - in the wysiwyg editor. Not a big deal, let's hope it comes back.
But since I cannot imagine that this was done by the developer on purpose, it makes me wonder about the level of complexity this application has reached. Yes, every developer knows how side effects can strike (change here -> bug there). But a check box being selectable or not ?

I'm not experiencing this issue.

Joplin 1.7.10 (prod, win32)

Can't replicate either.

Please note first that I never use markdown.
Next, as I realize after your answer, I do not experience it if I create a new list with checkboxes. It is however a problem with old(er) notes and existing checkboxes. So does it have to do with other formatting ? No, the boxes are plain text.

It's a ghost. Tried more notes and checkmarks, switching to MD and back, etc. First no success. Next restarted Joplin. Now the problem is gone. Don't ask me why !

A few hours later the problem is back.
This time restart doesn't help (on osx).

I'm pasting the post template here since you've deleted it without reading it:

Key points:

  • For bug reports, please post them on GitHub
  • The operating system you are using.
  • If you can also please provide a log

For bug reports, please post them on GitHub - Issues · laurent22/joplin · GitHub
If you post a bug report here, we cannot track it and there's a chance it won't be looked at and fixed.

For other support queries please indicate:

  • The version you are using. LATEST VERSION is not a version number!
  • If it is a sync issue, please let us know what you are syncing with.
  • If you report a problem with upgrading, please let us know both versions (from/to).
  • If you report a problem with the editor, please tell us which editor you are using (WYSIWYG/Markdown).
  • The operating system you are using.

If you can also please provide a log, as described here:

Posts that do not at least state the version number and operating system will not be answered.

Thanks for that.
Let's see what I have done or not and why.

  • wasn't sure it is a bug, or not, so I started here (in order not to fill github with unnecessary reports / this was requested before)
  • but will add it to Github tomorrow (with logs)
  • all other requirements were fulfilled (version, sync state, editor, etc.)

Here is a screenshot movie of the problem, not for troubleshooting, just for proof. It may help other users to see the problem.

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There's more than 200 open issues on GitHub so I think we're past being worried about unnecessary reports :slight_smile:

I think we should clarify this somewhere but for me it's ok to open a bug report on GitHub even it turns out it's not one. If it's not, we can close it and that's it. But if it's posted here, we still need to discuss it and:

  • if it's not a bug, it's a thread that will still be here for nothing (we can't close it like on GitHub)
  • if it's a bug, the report will end up being split between here and GH. And quite often users will pick one or the other place to discuss it so both places will keep having extra information.
  • And we also need to ask the user to post the bug on GitHub - some will do, some won't.

So it's always a win if the bug is directly on GitHub, it's much less work for everybody.

And for your bug, we probably need a log from the dev tool in case there's an error in there.

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