Changing font has no effect - noob

hi - just installed today the portable windows version on windows 10 - excited to see how it works - coming form Evernote. i can see this is a single font system which is fine with me, the problem is i can’t change the font to Courier New 9 like i was using on Evernote - any tricks to make this happen? typed in the font name, restarted, no effect. Is the portable version code different than the windows installed version? i have searched faq - no font items, forum - no fixes suggested worked for me.

there are a few other evernote features i’m sure i’ll be asking about like IFTTT support and email to create a note which i use quite a lot, but for now just getting the font right would get me started - thanks!!

could this be because i am in standard layout? i can’t seem to edit the notes in this layout - do we have to use code mode for editing notes? i managed to change the font in the code mode so i’m assuming this is the issue? you can’t basically do anything in the other layout mode? thanks!

for automation system, there are some apps you can look at there Apps - Joplin Forum

thanks! can anyone direct me to a fix for Joplin adding line feeds to evernote import? all of my imported notes have extra lines between each line. thanks!

you should create a new topic to avoid to mix topics in the same thread :wink:

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The viewer mode is styled differently because it has much more flexible styling. Please see the documentation for styling the viewer mode.
The code you’ll want to put in userstyle.css is

body {
    font-family: "Courier New 9";

thanks - i was restricted on the number of first day posts - will do!