Change color of toolbar icons when clicked

Using a plugin Can i change color of an editor toolbar icon (also set by plugin), to indicate that it has been clicked and is in active state ?

I don't believe this is possible. But it might be possible to show a specific icon based on some state within the plugin? Even that might require a restart, you'll have to play around a bit.

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What plugin is this?


:see_no_evil: Just a toy plugin sir ; unpublished,unpolished.

It was developed in an attempt to resolve problem raised in this thread

Yes ; though the icon can be selected dynamically when jopling is launched; there doesn't seems a way to change it afterwards.
once a command is registered using joplin.commands.register it's immutable and indestructible until joplin is relaunched.

Thanks for the info. I am facing the same issue. keeps sharing such informative post. Keep sharing such post.

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