How do I change a plugins toolbar icons?

I found out now to natively use my own icon-font using Base64 encoding in the userstyles.css file and it works awesome.

However, I now want to change the toolbar icons of a plugin:

The current icon bar now looks like this:

You can tell the icons are much bolder, and overall just don't fit with the aesthetic of Joplin.

I've opened .config\joplin-desktop\cache\joplin.plugin.MultiMarkdownTableTools and there are a bunch of files. I scanned a few and noticed they are using fontawesome syntax, but all of the js files are completely obfuscated making it difficult to understand where the icon definitions are.

So a few questions:

  1. Is fontawesome built into Joplin? Can I actually use it as an end user in my notes? (Not that I necessarily want to)
  2. How can I change the toolbar icons of this plugin?

My first thought is to find the JS file that defines the icons and embed my own iconfont via Base64. Then swap the tokens. Problem is, all of the code is minified and obfuscated as I said earlier.

If there is an easier way or someone knows how to do this in a less convoluted way, that would be great.

Any help would be really appreciated.


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