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Can't turn on Web Clipper... HELP!

Hello... first post here. I've been using Joplin on Android, PC, and Linux for a couple of years now and I can't live without it!

I just purchased a new M1 Macbook Air, and I'm having issues:

I can't turn on the Web Clipper service. I can't even find where to click to turn it on. The option isn't there in the configuration menu, and when I open 'Preferences' all I get is a pop-up with two radio buttons to turn 'Touch Preferences' on or off.

I can't delete notebooks. On the PC & Linux versions of the app, I can simply right-click and delete. The MacOS version won't allow me to do this.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Update: So I uninstalled Joplin and re-installed. Now the UI looks identical to the PC & Linux versions and everything works. I must have installed the wrong version somehow.

I now have version 2.3.5. The one I had installed said '12.3.1' or something like that.


12.x.x is the iOS version and the other things like the lack of a deletion option would indicate the same thing, so somehow you managed to install the mobile app rather than the desktop one.

That was it... Joplin is working perfectly now!

I was just about to go back to the Apple Store and return this MacBook!