Can't Start Truly Fresh Install of Jopln

Desktop OS: Linux Mint 19.2
Joplin Desktop v. 1.0.174
Mobile platform: Galaxy S10e, Android 9
Joplin Mobile: 1.0.311
Sync method: Dropbox

I wanted to start fresh with an imported backup of my notes, since Joplin on my new mobile phone wouldn’t decrypt my notes for days with the above setup. I decided to wipe my keys and start over, which isn’t a problem for me. For some reason, old keys are still popping up and there are duplicate notes and a few still-encrypted files, as if it hadn’t really gotten rid of some of the old informatino. How do I clear these old files and keys as if I’m a truly new user with a fresh install and no old keys?

I followed this process:

  1. Stop the mobile app, cleared its cache and storage, then uninstalled it.
  2. Removed any residual Joplin files from the phone via search/delete.
  3. Removed ~/.config/joplin-desktop file.
  4. Removed Dropbox App folder locally and made sure that it was no longer lingering on any other machines or in the cloud.
  5. Imported my jex backup file on desktop; everything seemed in order on the desktop
  6. Enabled encryption and connected with Dropbox from my desktop machine, then waiting for it to say it had finished syncing.
  7. Reinstalled Joplin on phone and synced.
  8. Input key password on request.

Most notes decrypted, but there are duplicates and it’s still expecting old keys along with a few encrypted notes. Also, on a separate note, the mobile app won’t display pictures in notes, despite them being available on the desktop. It only displays a kind of download icon that I cannot select.

Thanks for any help in advance.

For the missing images, they’ll be downloaded over time.

For the keys, what does the encryption config page says?

You were right about the images. They showed up, thankfully.
As for the config page is as follows:
Config Text on Pastebin

You have multiple master keys and you need to input the password for each of them, there’s currently no way around this.

Well, I sort of understood that, but it seems bizarre that given the previous steps Joplin would even know about the old master keys. If the backups are not encrypted and the databases and profiles have been wiped out, how would it know to ask for old master keys? Does the backup contain references to previous master keys, despite not being encrypted itself?

The exporter doesn’t export master keys so they come from somewhere else. It can only be from a profile or from the sync target.

Thanks. So as long as I remove all profiles on desktop and mobile devices and remove the Apps directory in Dropbox, I should be able to start fresh with only one new master key, correct? If so, I thought I did that, but I will try again. Just to check, on Android devices, are the profiles kept in /data/user/0/net.cozic.joplin?