Cannot import hastags or tags in YAML

The main attraction of Joplin is that it uses markdown under the hood which facilitates the exchange of data with other markdown based note apps, and therefore no vender locking. However, it seems Joplin cannot import hastags as tag, or tags in YAML in markdown files? This is really a major missed opportunity as most markdown based note apps use tags to connect notes. What is the use of importing a set of markdown notes but unable to read the tags? Is this on the near term road map? Expecting a user to run a script is not a solution. A selling point of Joplin is to hide the programming aspect of markdown behind the wysiwyg editing interface. If a user is interested in running scripts, he is more likely just to adopt Obsidian.

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Seems we just need a plugin to scan all notes in a folder and covert hashtags into Joplin tags.


I have face same problem..

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In the Plugin List, there is an entry which is supposed to perform this task:

Auto Tag 1.0.3-rc7 Convert all octothorpe prefixed words into tags ZPH

I installed it but it didn't do anything, and there isn't any documentation. It seems this entry should be removed to avoid confusion.

That's really an issue. I have the same problem.

Moreover, in obsidian one could use 2 ** at the beginning of a word to bold the word without adding 2 ** again after the word. This is very sloppy, but obsidian understands it. When importing into Joplin, the problem is that Joplin doesn't understand it and writes \*\* instead. Hmmm.

This recent plugin converts hashtags to Joplin tags. Hopefully this can solve your issue.


This is wonderful! Can't wait to get back to my home computer to try it out. Many thanks!

Thanks a lot!!