Can you hide appmenu?

Is there a way to hide appmenu (file / edit ....) - it looks horrific under Linux (haven't checked on Windows so far). Would love to have a feature to hide it (as I guess making a hamburger etc menu integrated with titlebar would be too much hassle).

Which wm do you use (i.e. gnome, KDE, etc.)? Since you're on Linux you have the ability to hide the menu yourself.

That said, I would also like Joplin to have the ability to hide the menu.

how would you do that (Gnome/Wayland)? I know there are plugins that do quite cool things (for example move menubar to panel using an extension in KDE), but I'm looking for something way simpler - autohide, or get rid of it completely (would require a "settings" button somewhere else, inside app window, though).

It seems to be a super easy fix - I've played with it a tad and by just adding:

autoHideMenuBar: true

in ElectronAppWrapper .js and .ts files I got the autohide.

But honestly I'm not up for doing it on every update / maintaining my own repo with this small tweak.

I was going to suggest a plugin for gnome, but a cursory review makes it looks like they're all mostly unmaintained.

If you have the fix working in Joplin why not make a PR and submit the change upstream? Then you wouldn't have to maintain your own patch.


would require help with that - never did such commit and when it comes to JS/TS my knowledge is pretty basic, haven't done anything more complicated than to-do app at school :smiley: .
I just cobbled together this solution by playing with answers I got when searching for "electron hide menubar". And I think that while this works for me, the upstream one would require a toggle in the menu - will check whether I'm able to do that just by looking at source code found in other electron apps.