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Hide menubar

Being able to hide the menubar in Joplin (and showing it again using a hotkey like Ctrl+M) would be awesome. This would also prevent it from clashing with the selected theme, because the styling of the menubar depends on the operating system’s theme. Just to clarify, by menubar I mean the bar above “Toggle sidebar” etc.


Why does nobody respond anything on the forum?

I’ve seen this request in many posts, and NO admin/dev looked into it. That’s actually a thing i wanted to post, too, and there’s like 5 posts, but NO answers whatsoever…

You can find some discussion here.


And the reason nobody replies to requests like this is because there’s not much to say. It’s unfortunately complicated to implement vs how simple it seems as a feature. Very few people are willing to volunteer the time it takes to make this happen (that includes you, me, and everyone else that has requested this).

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Yeah, could be so. I’m no programmer, but i would easily pay to someone to implement that.

I’m a ricer on linux so i do the things very detailed on my setup. And these things kinda mess the whole thing to be uniform.

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If you use XFCE there is a plugin that will move the application menu bar to the xfce panel. I know other DE’s also have similar plugins.
That said, one of Lauren’ts top priorities right now is getting the new UI pushed through, this might be a part of that change (or at least coloring the bar might be).

I just opened a new GitHub Issue elaborating on this feature request. Please upvote and comment there, as well, if you would like to promote it. Thanks!

Is there a custom CSS workaround for this? It's stunning for what kind of absurd rationales the Linux versions of cross-platform apps often end up being the most ugly. And then people wonder why Linux on desktops has never gone mainstream. Small details like this. That's why.

Edit: I'm not a programmer, but it seems Electron offers a simple switch for this called autoHideMenuBar. Is it not possible to change this setting via custom stylesheets? I've seen this in numerous apps -- why would it be so complicated in Joplin?