How do I get the menubar back?

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Just downloaded the Joplin app for Windows and been trying out the features. I did View > Hide menubar, and the menubar (with File, Edit, View etc.) completely disappeared. Cool, but - how in the world do I undo that? I've not found any button or link or feature that brings it back up. I've uninstalled the app, but on reinstallation it remembers somehow the setting and disappears the menubar just the same!

Please let me know to unhide the menubar. Thanks.

Thank you for informing me that the Toggle menu bar command is now available.

Its default keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+M. You can also open the Command Palette with Ctrl+Shift+P and use the :toggleMenuBar command.

Ok, and how was I supposed to know that from the desktop application itself, since there is no list of keyboard shortcuts and no indication of what the command was once the menu bar disappeared?

This is a very user-unfriendly program.

Assigned keyboard shortcuts show to the right of menu bar items. For example, you can see that Ctrl+Shift+M is displayed right of Toggle menu bar in the View menu.

Here is how you can check the list of keyboard shortcuts: Tools > Options (Ctrl+Comma) > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Then, to find the keyboard shortcut for Toggle menu bar: search for menubar or scroll down > See (or change) its keyboard shortcut

How do other programs that you use implement any of these features in a more user-friendly way?

I understand that, I'm just saying that for a new user coming to this software for the very first time and hiding the menubar as a way to test the feature and then finding no easy way to get it back - it's a lot, and not what I'd call user-friendly.

Also, once the menubar disappears, I can no longer get to the Keyboard shortcuts via Tools - and again, as a new users, I wouldn't know the keyboard shortcut by heart.

Other programs that hide the menubar rather use the pin/unpin system in place (e.g. GoogleDocs). Once unpinned, you can easily pin back the menubar by hovering your mouse over where the menu bar used to be, and it would pop back into existence - plus the toggle to pin/unpin it is very obvious.

Good points. The Google Docs toggle takes up a corner like similar patterns, is right below the menu bar, and also shows the keyboard shortcut on hover.

I would make use of a similar menu bar toggle and/or auto hide.

Unless you see a better location, placing the toggle right of the top editor toolbar's info button could work.

You can also press (then release - don't hold it down) the alt key to temporarily bring up the menu bar once the hide menu toggle is turned on, if you want to access it without turning it on altogether. This works in a lot of Windows software.


Oh that's very very useful! Thank you, I had no idea that was a Windows feature. Will remember it for future reference.