Can we add socks5 proxy support for Joplin?

As title, can we add a socks5 proxy feature for Joplin? I'm a chinese developer, sometimes I can't update joplin plugin through normal network, thanks for all joplin mainteners.

Joplin supports HTTP proxy.

Got it, I've enjoyed it already, thank you.

I'd love it to support a SOCK5 Proxy too. Pretty please.

I don't know if someone would love to implement it.
As a workaround, you can use this tool to convert your SOCKS proxy to HTTP proxy, then use it in Joplin.

proxy in Joplin doesn't work for me with netshare android app. I use this format:
Did I do anything wrong ?

Are you using the Joplin on Android?

I use Joplin on Windows and Linux. Netshare runs in Android acting as hot spot using proxy address: my Joplin can never sync through it.

Do you get any errors when syncing? You can post it there so we can check it.
Plus, which version are you using?
I think you can create a new topic for your problem. Otherwise our talk there might disturb other users in this topic.

Thank you for this solution, but this only works for linux machine. I have a company mandated windows desktop at work. I would very much like a SOCKS proxy option as well.

Just hope someone will implement it.

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