Proxy function request

Hi, since the last request of the function of changing storage directory, here I found need of another function, as many guys posted, can Joplin add proxy settings in its Synchronization functions settings?

The limited synchronization types CAN NOT ensure the basic synchronization result in daily use.

If this basic function still cannot be realized, I'll write scripts to do this by myself. :sob:

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If your proxy is based on SS/SSR, you can try System proxy mode => Global mode to solve the problem

Thanks to the suggestions by rxliuli. Yet actually it’s still very much troublesome operations, to me :-).

I have used 2 hours wrote a Bash script to deal with the synchronization job, uses the local net-disk service as a transfer space (just like Dropbox or Nextcloud spaces).

Experimental results in different machines seems to be wonderful. Only need a terminal command to be typed, and no proxy and/or synchronization by Joplin itself.

So, maybe I have some latent to become a programmer, although I am not.

Still can not understand why these basic functions can not be dealt with.

Thank you again for discussion.

Many programs do not have proxy settings, unless the target user includes users from many countries with limited network (such as China), if not, this will only be an edge function

If you think it is troublesome to switch the proxy, you can use the global proxy by default, and then use the plug-in at the browser layer to choose whether the network needs a proxy (Of course, this will have a certain impact on WeChat/QQ, but I can only say - Daqing Zi National conditions are so emmmm)

Not because of these reasons, and it has no relationship with which country. It is because this software can not reach the commercial standard.

This may be the case, but it is the case with many programs (especially the development-related tool chain). If you really want all programs to be proxies, you can try proxifier, which is a paid software, but it is really very powerful! (It can even save time for configuring agents for each program separately)

I’m on Mac.
Joplin is just a terrific app. Always working, top Markdown support, sync with Nextcloud, and so on …
I’ve just a new problem in my new office. There’s il a proxy between me and Internet (where is located my NextCloud server). Unfortunately, the proxy seems to block the sync process.
It’s very boring. The proxy has been setup on my mac but Joplin seems not to see it.
Support for proxy in Joplin would be a nice feature …