Add proxy support

Thanks for Joplin! It’s amazing and the most convenient app!
I use it every day. Smartphone, home, work…
But i have a problem with sync.
The office has a corporate proxy that does not allow the use of cloud services. But I have a personal proxy, unfortunately Joplin was not set up for this.

Please, could you add proxy support to the desktop app…
Thank you so much !!!


There’s a feature request for this on GitHub and some work has been done but it’s not working unfortunately.

I tried to solve sync through rsync with “Synchronisation target “File system””. It’s success…almost.
From smartphone to PC - no problem.
But vise o verso mobile app don’t sync, although new files (from PC) are in the folder (smartphone’s folder for sync).
…there may be a reason that files are older than sync on smartphone?

Is there any progress in proxy support?
I’m behind a web proxy and I would need a way to sync my notes with my WebDAV service.

Does anyone know a workaround to sync notes to file system and then upload notes to WebDAV?


I used combination of drop box sync for desktop (Mac and Windows) and dropbox sync option to overcome corp proxy issue. Dropbox sync works over proxy and I used /apps/Joplin as the sync folder in Joplin. On mobile, it is direct dropbox sync. Works fine on Windows and Mac.