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In application updates

First of all, thank you for the program. I love it and use it daily.

Would it be possible to have the program autoupdate or at least update through the program itself? I am specifically referring to the Windows version. The updates seem to come very regularly, which while great, causes the following:

  1. Pop ups
  2. Having to download the executable
  3. Manually installing the program
  4. Losing the pin I made to the taskbar.

I would prefer that the update happen without having to do the above each time the program is updated.

Thanks again for your hard work!


I agree with the OP on all points. The program is excellent and I have come to rely upon it daily.

My specific concern is that the installation of an update removes the program from the taskbar. I don’t notice that happening with other programs. Is there any way to prevent that removal from occurring?