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Disable auto-update in Joplin? (Important feature is missing)

I'm sorry if this question is very simple/straight forward.
How to disable auto update in Joplin (desktop) ?
I found geo-location in options/settings -> note.
But I don't see auto-update anywhere in the settings.
In settings under which catergory is it placed ?

Again, I apologize for this very silly question.
Thanks in advance.

I mean. the sub-category in this picture.
In which sub-category is Auto-update in ?


-> Application
-> Disable "Automatically update the application"

Enjoy Joplin!

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Hi! Thanks for your reply.
But in applications I don't see any such option to disable 'auto-update"

The only options I can see are

  • Show tray icon
  • Start application minimized in the tray icon
  • Get pre-releases when checking for updates
    Those are only available options

I'm also attaching a screenshot for reference.

Why can't I see 'Auto disable' option ?

Thanks in advance!

Running Joplin on Linux?

It seems that this may be important here as I have the v2.5.12 AppImage running on Kubuntu and the Linux client displays the same application settings as your screenshot.

The v2.5.12 Windows client has the "Automatically update the application" option.

This is not something I have paid much attention to. I do not know if it has always been like this or the reasoning behind it.


Out of interest I just downloaded a few AppImages for versions back to 2.0.11 and ran them on Kubuntu 21.10. None actually notified me of an available update so I guess the option is not needed as it does not check.

It's just a guess but the auto-update feature does not actually auto-update; it shows a notification with a download link. This is not that useful for Linux which uses a separate download & update script.

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Yes, it is Linux (app image) - v2.5.12(latest)

IDK what's wrong here, but I've seen the option to disable 'auto update' in Windows OS.
I'm using Joplin on Linux, but I'm unable to disable the auto - update.

Is there any way to this ?

In the privacy policy, it is mentioned that auto-update is enabled by default.
It also says that 'It can disabled', but I cannot do the same.
It's not mentioned that 'auto-update cannot be disabled in Linux. I want to disable it, but there is no option to do so :frowning:

There are about 614,972 downloads on linux so far (Source)
I'm sure that many of them will try to disable auto-update (which connects to GitHub) even the privacy policy states that it can be disabled. I want to know where I can disable it.

@ Team, Hello team!, I'm new to this forum, so not sure who I should tag for this.
Anyway, I'm not telling that somethings wrong, I want to know how to disable 'auto update' on Joplin (please refer to above messages also). And also let me know, If I misunderstood something here.

(Btw, this forum says that "Sorry, new users can't mention other users". Does this make any sense ? I'm new to this forum, but I just want to tag the required team members. But this forum is not allowing me to do so :frowning: )

Anyways, Can anyone please tag the team members so they can see this post ?
Thanks in advance!

The inability of new users to @ other users is a spam prevention method. The limitation disappears very soon. It's a pain, but spam is a bigger pain.

I think @laurent or @tessus would be the ones to notify.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, even in Windows having the Automatically update the application option ticked doesn't actually automatically update the application. It should really say something like "Automatically check for updates" if I'm not mistaken. You always have to choose to update, at least in Windows. Are you actually having the updates happen without your approval in Linux?

You don't need to tag anybody for something like this, if it is important then one of the team will very likely see it and reply. The community is very knowledgeable, if the issue is a genuine problem then it will be naturally brought to the attention of the team.

As @whitewall and @dpoulton have mentioned, it isn't actually forcing an auto update, it merely checks for the latest published version and prompts you to download it.

If you check the actual settings code:

autoUpdateEnabled: { value: true, type: SettingItemType.Bool, storage: SettingStorage.File, section: 'application', public: platform !== 'linux', appTypes: [AppType.Desktop], label: () => _('Automatically update the application') },

You can see that it only applies when the platform is not Linux, as @dpoulton mentions, the preferred way is via the script:

On Linux , the recommended way is to use the following installation script as it will handle the desktop icon too:

As the recommended option it therefore makes sense on Linux to not prompt you to download a new appimage.


Hi @imhere, it looks like you've installed the flat pack or snap version of Joplin. This issue has come up before and at the time there was no (complete) resolution for it.

Essentially, the problem is that Linux desktops have many competing package formats, and Joplin only uses one (AppImage). There are a few packages created by third parties, so they have control over things like auto update.

If you share how you installed the Joplin app, then someone on the forum might be able to help you. But in general the third party packages are not supported by the Joplin team, and you'll need to talk to the packager to get help.

The OP has mentioned that it is the AppImage.

I'm skipping the 2.5.12 release of the snap (it's currently on 2.5.10), so it's certainly not that. If it was though, the answer to stop auto updates would be to download the snap directly (snap download joplin-desktop) and install it with the --dangerous flag, (sudo snap install joplin-desktop_local_file.snap --dangerous), avoiding importing the .ack file that has signature verification that ties it to the Snap Store. Such a snap wouldn't ever automatically update and they'd need to keep downloading and installing like this on their own terms.

I don't think Flatpaks automatically update at all by default.

I'm also very much under the impression that the AppImage just lacks the capability to do automatic update checking at all. There's no UI for turning it off because there's no functionality to do it to begin with, see #4102 and #4096 in v1.4.12


oh yes, I just forgot that app images cannot be updated. So, that's why there is no such option.
I've one last question,

Will Joplin connect to GitHub 'periodically' to 'check for updates'. It doesn't need to auto-update. Will it do that just to let users know... like, "There is a new version, download the new app image".
If yes, how to disable that ?

Yes, it should say that. I think the reason why Laurent hasn't ok'ed the change is that all of the translations would have to be re-done.

None of the apps do automatic updates due to some issues with the electron framework doing a reliable update.

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To disable uncheck Automatically update the application

Update: on Linux it is missing, so if it is still checking and notfy you of new versions it is a bug.

The entire logic around this is wrong IMO. e.g. on linux there's still the setting to check for pre-releases. This is highly confusing.

What has to be done is to rename the setting and make it available to all OS.

@laurent ^^^

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Yes, that's why I created this post.

Appimages cannot be updated, but it can check for updates by connecting to GitHub 'periodically' to notify the user to say something like .. 'there is a new version, download the latest app image now'

If it does not check for updates at all, then how can it check for pre-release ? If that is possible, this is also possible.

Also read this message. It states that it can be disabled (checking for update not auto-update).
but there is not such option to disable this, which is opposite of what the privacy policy states.

Yes, exactly.
or another solution is to completely disable 'checking for updates' feature in linux. (if adding the disable option is not possible).

Or, as @tessus said the option to disable the 'auto-update-check' must be made available to app images on linux as well (as mentioned in privacy policy)

What do others think about this ?
Thanks in advance.

Does anyone have a solution for this ? @team

Please do not just tag people, particularly not the entire team just to get attention.

What solution are you even after?

Please read the above post and replies.
Refer to the latest reply. It's all clearly mentioned in the replies above.