Can i access my data without the Joplin app?

Hey there! =)

I use Joplin on a daily basis and have grown to depent quite a lot on it. I have however one caveat regarding joplin - the file format in the sync targets.

DONT GET ME WRONG - please continue reading.

I totally get why the (open) file format is like it is. And i really appreciate the decision for it!
However since the notes i'm taking are valuable to me, i wondered:

Is there a way to "extract" the notes if i dont have access to the Joplin app? Something like an (desktop) app that can do this?

Thanks in advance for your answers and please forgive me if this answer has been already questioned. I searched the forum but couldnt find a similar question.

Best wishes from southern Germany,


You can have applications that can read from the Joplin API - you can use applications like VSCode with @rxliuli's VSCode plugin to have Joplin data but entirely via VSCode and not the Joplin app. It does require Joplin itself to be running and listening.
In terms of a more offline solution there isn't anything that would stop you reading the database directly (from, if default, .config/joplin-desktop/database.sqlite
For example to get an entire list of your database you could just run

SELECT folders.title, notes.title, notes.body
FROM folders, notes
WHERE notes.parent_id =
ORDER BY folders.title, notes.title, notes.body ASC;

and that will spit out all your data (although I assume if you use encryption things won't be quite that simple...).

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