Keep note in sync with external plaintext file?


I have a question about something that I would like to do, and I am not sure if it is feasible or not. I would like to use Joplin to manage my ToDos in a plaintext and multiplatform way. That said, I would still like to benefit from other potential applications that may improve a bit upon the fully plaintext way. Joplin would be the best way to edit the list on the go/mobile, where I wouldn't have the benefit of a desktop app.

This would require me to have a txt file external to Joplin but still in sync with the content of a note. If I try to use Joplin's MD file for the note, I get the metadata info; if I strip it before using the external app, then I would lose Joplin's metadata and generate conflicts.

The best/only way I see of doing this is having the possibility of inserting a txt file into a Joplin note, and being able to edit it, thus updating both the note and the original txt file. Is this possible? Something akin to MS Office Loops, I believe.

Happy to hear about alternatives/suggestions! Thanks for your time.

You might look at the Hot Folder plugin-- it will monitor a directory, and then create a note for things that appear there. I believe it leaves the items in that directory, so it may be checking for modified time to see what it should inhale or not.

No the Plugin imports the file and then delete the original file!

Oh, no. Yeah, you're right.

I guess I haven't used it in a while.

I would also like this feature, though I would use it the other way round! Use joplin on the desktop and have a small app to render the Todo file on mobile. This way I dont need to "lug" around all my notes on my phone, where I will never look at them.

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