Can android app sync upon startup?

version number: 1.0.329 from playstore

OS: LineageOS 16 (android 9)

phone: pixel 1

Database is stored on my nextcloud server.

My wife and I use joplin apps on identical phones. We have a shopping list in a notebook on my nextcloud server that the app syncs to.

I made some edits and synced it (automatically syncs after typing stuff as far as I know). Then she opened her app 20 min later (our apps are set to sync every 5 min) and immediately started typing and it overwrote my changes I made to the file.

The problem would be mitigated if there was a way to sync upon open opening the app before you’re allowed to start typing/editing. Is there anyway to enable this?

I just tried that with the desktop client app (1.0.201) and it started syncing automatically within the first 10 seconds (syncing interval is 5 minutes) after a restart and syncing also took a few seconds.

I can see how somebody typing fast could generate conflicts there easily. Maybe Joplin should start syncing more immediately. Maybe it should (if it doesn’t already do so) sync notes first that were most often/recently updated and trying to minimize conflicts that way.

Even a way to resolve some kind of conflicts automatically would be nice to have.

To be clear, I’m strictly talking about the android app. I’m not sure how the desktop app functioned. Sounds like it’s similar in that there is a delay in the sync process starting