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I use Nextcloud to sync my notes from the Desktop app. I recently installed an Android app for the first time. And to my surprise I could sync only a few notes. And there's no notebook tree. However, new notebooks are created and synced correctly. Also, if I edit existing notebook on my dekstop App then it starts to appear on Android as well. It seems like my notebooks were created before some system tagging was enabled that actually syncs them to the android client.

Same with notes as well. Only notes created since a certain date appear in the Android app. If I edid non-visible note then it syncronises and appear on Android as well.

Do you know how to fix that? And where the information about notebook tree is stored?

The app version is 2.8.1

Please note Joplin does not have a background sync on mobile devices. When Joplin is closed, sent to the background or the device is put into sleep (display off), the sync is interrupted. So please disable the lock and leave it for several hours with the app in the foreground.

It is highly advisable not to interrupt first lengthy synchronization. It may take time, sometimes dozens of hours.

So, it's best to disable the time out of screen lock and leave the phone syncing overnight
Secondary synchronization cycles will be much quicker (about several seconds)

thanks for the feedback! However, I didn't mean automatic sync. I mean that some notes are not syncronized at all. Even when I push the sync button on the Mobile App. And for some notebooks only certain notes appear after forced sync. I.e. certain notes which were created, say, no more than 3 months ago on the desktop.

My comment is not about automatic sync either, it's about background sync. If you interrupted initial (lengthy) sync, you might encounter a lot of problems down the line: including some notes/notebooks not appearing and potential data loss. Hence, It's better to reinstall the app and leave the app in the foreground during the initial sync until all notes are downloaded.

but I didn't interrup anything. Installed the app, setup sync and let it finish. it was very quick and almost no notes were synced! then I edited some notebook on the desktop app. Let it sync to cloud. then switched to Android, hit the sync. Let it finish. And, voila, this notebook appeared. But the rest was still missing.

Could you reinstall the app and try doing initial sync once again?

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