Is there a solution to import Onenote to Joplin?

I'm sure this has been discussed over and over, but I can't find anything good on this topic.
Is there a way to import OneNote to Joplin?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I was finally able to run a test on a OneNote Notebook. The data is there, but instead of tabs with names like one note, all the pages say "Untitled Note".
I imported as HTML and another test as Markdown. Both same results, but I ended up keeping the Markdown import because the code on the right was more readable to me. I'm not a coder / programmer.

Any ideas as to what I've done wrong, or how to rename a Note in Joplin?

Not sure I understand the question. You go to the title field and change the text.

When it comes to the export tool, you should try to ask @sspeiser for help.

Oh, and there's also this:

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Hi. Could you send/post a Screenshot of OneNote and Joplin and one of the exported HTML files? Please be sure to disguise private information. I will try to replicate the behavior.

Well, I just realized that the Onenote I was testing was not the one imported wit the export tool. The one I was testing was first imported with the Legacy Version of Evernote, then exported as ENEX, then imported to Joplin.
I'm now trying to use the import tool again, but Unfortunately, after authenticating to Microsoft and choosing a Onenote, it keeps timing out. It almost worked, it's a large Onenote, as the export tools was showing about 240mb in the download, but then froze. I'm going to keep trying. Is there a preferred browser to use?

I took a look at the onenote-md-exporter. It looks straight forward, and I downloaded the files, and prerequisite software. Problem is, the instructions mention a OneNoteMdExporter.exe that I can't find anywhere.
Any ideas, or am I misunderstanding something?

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I thought I would be notified about posts to this thread.

Timing out is most probably because too many requests were made by the tool for your account. The throttling of the API requests in the MS SDK did not work reliably for me.

You could try:

  • Wait for one hour since your last try - that resets the the request throttling
  • Login again and export only a subset of the notebook, you can expand the name of your notebook and select only a few sections
  • Export those
  • Wait for some time and repeat for the next sections

Tested mainly in Firefox but should work in recent versions of Safari or Chromium.

Thank you. I might try again. For now, I ended up finding another script that runs locally on the computer. It worked pretty good, but I really need to take the time to learn Joplin better as I've been using OneNote since its inception.

Can you post a link to that script? Would greatly appreciate it!

This is the one I ended up using, although I'm still testing. I'm not all that impressed with the Android version, but we can talk about that later.

The script worked, not perfect, but I don't thing any of the solutions are. The problem I see for heavy OneNote users are the Page Subfolders on the right side not importing in any consistent usable way. They import, but the subfolder structure that was in OneNote is lost. I found my self dragging notes all over the place to recreate what I had in OneNote.

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I tried this exporter. My problem was that not a single file attachment exported (images did go through). So all of them would have to be re-attached manually.

I recently moved old journal entries from OneNote for Windows 10 to Joplin. I wrote a python script to do it and put some directions in there for how-to: GitHub - Ben-Gillman/onenote_to_markdown: Script to convert MS Onenote notebooks to Joplin

Let me know if anyone has any issues with it. It wont export file attachments or photos, just text.

GitHub - alxnbl/onenote-md-exporter: ConsoleApp to export OneNote notebooks to Joplin and other Markdown formats (which was mentioned above) worked really well for me.

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