Bug report: joplin in system tray has no name

I am using Joplin on Windows 10 and mostly after returning from Hibernation (or maybe simply when I haven’t re-started the PC for longer time), the system tray icon of Joplin doesn’t display its name (i.e. "Joplin") anymore when hovering over the icon with the mouse. The problem with not displaying the name on hover over is that I cannot access the tray Icon via hotkeys. Joplin can be opened with the following hotkeys in windows 10, if Joplin is in the system tray:

I also wrote an autohotkey script (available on this forum) to use a hotkey for opening Joplin from the system tray, but it doesn’t work when when hovering over the tray icon shows no app name. Could you please fix this? Then I could use my autohotkey script again to quickly launch Joplin again. Here you see two screenshots side by side to show what I mean.

Left side: hovering over the system tray icon shows no name.
Right side: hovering over the system tray icons shows the name, i.e. "Joplin".

I can't reproduce it.
I can still get the text after hibernation.

Ok, unfortunately I don't know the true reason, maybe hibernation doesn't matter. I can only say that it happens regularly on my PC.