Custom System Tray Icon (Windows)

First of all, I love Joplin. Coming from many years of Evernote. Joplin is just perfect. Endless customization, light-weight, feels like home. Big kudos to the devs!

Now, here's just a tiny little suggestion. I'd love to customize the system tray icon in Windows. The blue Joplin logo is beautiful, but all my other systray icons are monochrome. Would be perfect to just have a little white "J" there.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 025113

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I have 13 visible icons in my system tray. 3 are monochrome. 10 are colored. I'm not sure what you are looking at, where everything is monochrome. Furthermore, some icons, like Meminfo allows me to choose either a transparent or colored background to the main information. I chose a nice blue color, like Joplin, so it is also white on blue. Two use a red background, 1 green, 1 light yellow with green info, and a couple transparent backgrounds but colored icons.

In Windows, under Personalization, you can select your taskbar color. If someone prefers light gray or white, then the J will be invisible, so your idea will not work. It is possible that the users could be allowed to choose the background, so they could change from Blue if it didn't work with the color of their taskbar, but why?

I believe things like this are difficult because Joplin has to support three operating systems. I know in the past when people have requested things like that it sounded unlikely that they would be supported. But who knows!

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