Bug or shortcut? alt+e copy quote or list

I'm using Joplin 1.5.15 (prod, darwin), 9e076bf (master) in Markdown (spellcheck enabled) on MacOS (10.15.7) and I came across the following behaviour:

When I used a quote (">") or list ("-") earlier on in my document, and I press alt+e and then press "e" again it inserts the last quote or list I've created. I've tried (and succeeded) to reproduce it a couple of times, but when I switched back and forth between apps a couple off times it didn't behave the same way anymore. Is there some kind of shortcut which copies one of the mentioned items and inserts it in the current place, or is this unexpected behaviour?

I'm kinda bummed that it stopped behaving that way, because I cannot enable debugging since I can't reproduce it anymore.

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