Disabaling Copy Pasting of smart quotes


Joplin is my note book, I dump text and screenshots in there and bits of code from various sources like PDFs and Word Docs etc.

Is there a way to tell Joplin never to use “smart quotes”, or always replace the dumb smart quotes with normal "straight quotes".... I'm for ever having to go back and correct the stuff that comes from sources which pollute my notes.

Thanks lots, Mr Sausages.

If the smart quotes are in your note source (e.g. they were copied in from elsewhere) then Joplin won't do anything them (but this could make a nice plugin!).
But if your issue is that Joplin is turning your normal quotes into "smart quotes" then you can configure that. Go to Tools->Options->Markdown->Enable typographer support and turn it off.

Thanks CablebJohn.
OK, looks like I will have to live with the smart quotes coming from all the external sources making me miserable :slight_smile:
(Typographer is off btw.)

Well, It's not really Joplin's fault that you are clipping from sources that use smart quotes, is it? Or do you think that Joplin is changing straight quotes into smart quotes?

There should be a way to use an AutoHotKey script to process the text in your clipboard. If you haven't used AHK before, you may find that there are lots of things it can be used for to make you less miserable. :wink:

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