Bug on iOS 14

Hi and sorry for my english, i’m a french user.

With iOS 14, i have a bug on Joplin with Nextcloud sync. When i’m write a note or modify an existing note, on save i have a black screnn and i cannot do anything.
I have the + button and it’s all.
I must kick Joplin and restart to see all notes.

I delete the app, and with a fresh installation of iOS it’s same :frowning:

I’m alone with this bug ?

Is there any error or warning in the log? https://joplinapp.org/debugging

Also do you use the regular or beta text editor?

You can found my screenshot.
I use both text editor and it’s same issue.

This error would be caused by the beta Nextcloud Joplin Web API. Could you try to disable it in Nextcloud to see if it makes a difference?

I don’t have the web API installed on my nextcloud server.
I use webdav config to store my datas on my nextcloud.
Yesterday, i have 2 screen problems, but nothing on log.

When i clic on the top of my screen, i can access to the search.
I imagine it’s a display problem.

I test with a physical keyboard and i have the issue too :’(

Could be limited to iPad maybe? I also use Nextcloud without the Joplin Web API and was unable to replicate on iPhone 6s with iOS 14.0.

Yes, i think it’s a iPadOS bug.