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I'm new to Joplin and Joplin Cloud, so apologies if this is a stupid question. I've purchased Joplin Cloud and wish to use the Joplin Web Clipper. After installing the extension for Edge and click on it to use it, I get a dialog asking me for binding information. I have no idea what it wants and what I'm supposed to enter to complete this process. Did I miss an email with this information?

Please advise.


This is not the Joplin web clipper. Where did you download this extension?

Edge Add-Ons...where do I find the correct clipper?

You should probably avoid this store and get your extensions from the Chrome Web Store:

Edge is basically just Chrome with different tracking and telemetry, so it will work with Chrome's extensions.

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I've installed the Joplin Web Clipper. The Joplin app is running. When I click on the extension I'm told it's connecting the the Joplin application...and then I get an error message saying the service needs to be enabled in the app configuration. How is that done? I don't see a configuration option in the menus.

Open the Joplin App, go to Tools -> Options, and you should see the "Web Clipper" option there?

There's no web clipper option in Tools > Options.

Found it.

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